Un abuelo y su nieta bailan todos los días desde el otro lado de la calle para verse durante el confinamiento

[…] Kira, de seis años, y su abuelo Marvin, de 80, de Nashville, protagonizan un emotivo vídeo donde se los ve bailando la popular canción de The Jackson 5, ABC. […] @20minutos.

I haven't posted on fb in forever…but I love this video so much! This is the street that separates my house from my parent's house, and is typically crossed multiple times throughout the day. Kira loves her "Papa" so much and they've now started daily "dance offs" since the virus is keeping them separated. My Dad is turning 81 years old next month and I've never seen him dance, but he's really putting forth great effort and has some special moves!!!! 😄 I'm sure the workers think we're crazy!!!

Publicada por Sherrie Neely en Sábado, 28 de marzo de 2020

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